The Seven One Six Story

It all started when my wife and I bought our first home in 2015. We had the oldest & ugliest house on the block. It needed everything and we of course had nothing, but grandiose visions that did not line up with our bank account.

So I did what most any other husband would do and tried making things. Starting small with floating wall shelves, I progressed to console tables, dining tables, a small backyard deck and even the crib all 3 of our children would use. As time went by, friends & family started asking for pieces and I was happy to help.

In 2017, my wife Melissa suggested I try sharing my newfound passion with the world and open an Etsy shop and thus the side hustle was born. As the years went by, my side hustle was growing nicely and kept me plenty busy as I continued to work in the corporate world.

Then came 2020. Yes, I think you may know where this story is going. In the early days, my business spiked enormously and struggled to stay on top of it. A few weeks later, I lost my corporate job and my world shattered. A few weeks away from expecting my 2nd child I did not know what to do. After running the zoom interview gauntlet for weeks looking for a new job, I decided to pour my heart & soul into my passion.

Fast forward to 2023. I now operate a full service custom woodworking and laser engraving business in a 2,500 sqft commercial facility and have two fantastic employees helping to move the business forward.

At Seven One Six Design Co. we pride ourselves on unique, one of kind designs and products, all handmade here in the 716 - Buffalo NY.

A Family Business

Thank you so much for your interest, well wishes and support. My family & I truly appreciate it.

Scott, Melissa, Charlie, Alice & Joey